Why us?

6 month warranty

We provide full 6 month warranty on parts and labour for all mobile phone and computer repair, giving you peace of mind!

Refurbish and repair

We don’t simply repair your mobile phone or laptop, we also thoroughly clean the inside and out of your device, helping prevent common damages, giving your device a full overhaul!

Preventative repair

To prevent future issues with your mobile phone or laptop we provide a FREE 12 point check of common issue areas within your device, fixing and cleaning them before they become an issue!

Prevent future damage

We include a FREE screen protectors and case with your repair on nearly all models of mobile phone to help prevent future damages!

Free quote

We provide FREE, no obligation diagnosis and quotes for all mobile phone and laptop repairs. Contact us or stop by today!

Speedy repairs

Most mobile phone screen repairs are performed within 30 minutes, allowing you to get back to your life quickly!

Mail in repairs

Unable to come to our shop? No problem! Mail your damaged device into us and we will fix and return it to you! Follow the 3 steps below to get started!

Fill out the form below

Complete the form below, so we will be able to give customers first-hand support and details if needed.

Send us your device

Ship it to PO Box 884, Broadway NSW 2007

We fix it!

Once your repair is complete we will contact you with a tracking number of your device. Repairs are performed within 24 hours of receipt.


We understand how important your phone, tablet, laptop & computers are in your life. With our dependency on these technologies it is tough to live with damages to these devices, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to fixing any issues you may be having with your devices with a professional repair service. We are knowledgeable in nearly all electronic devices and with our combined experience, have run into and resolved nearly any issue you can imagine!

As one of the best iPhone screen repair in Sydney, iResQ offers a 1st class service for iPhone repairs by using genuine and top quality mobile phone parts. With our shop conveniently located in Broadway we offer the best phone screen repair service in Sydney with most common screen repairs are being performed in 30 minutes! We also go above and beyond normal repair shops by performing full details while completing your repairs. This means we thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your device, checking for common problem areas and sometimes even performing some preventative repairs on troublesome areas.


We use the highest quality parts available to repair your device. This makes a huge difference compared to our competitors which may use lower quality aftermarket parts which are not as durable, more likely to become faulty, or become damaged easier. Top that with our experienced and knowledgeable technicians preforming the repair which insures a “like new” feel to you device!


Instead of simply repairing your device, we add an additional step which includes thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of your device, removing dust, dirt and grime that has built up within your device. But we go even another step further and check and clean all connections that are troublesome and perform a 10 to 12 point inspection of trouble areas to insure no other parts will fail on you in the near future.


On all popular models we will include a FREE screen protector and protective case with your repair, to help prevent future damage. This added bonus is great for protecting your recent investment and repair of your device. There is nothing worse than recently having your device repaired and then having an accident causing further damage to your device. Some of these damages may not even result in immediate damage but cause damages that will appear later in the devices lifespan.