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Introducing the New iPhone 6S

iPhone six has emerged with a whole new level of innovation and there is so much for you to discover and cherish about it. Simply holding the phone will give you a whole new feel. A simple touch will make you realize what you have been missing in phones all these years. The 3D effect of the new iPhone 6S brings a new extent to your enjoyment and of-course the multi-tasking of a phone. This is just one thing to say about this brilliant new version of the iPhones, there is a tremendous upheaval...

Glass Screen Protector VS Plastic Screen Protector

Whenever you buy a new smart phone your first priority is to keep it in its original condition for as long as possible. When you talk about the condition and maintenance of your phone the most visible and important part is the screen, we want our screen to be scratch free and for this screen protection is essential. The main question is which screen protection to choose; Glass or Plastic. The main aim of this article is to tell you the pros and cons of both screen protectors and by the end you...