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When it comes to mobile phone repair Sydney offers you several choices. You can entrust the responsibility of repairing or salvaging your precious phone on an experienced professional or you can opt for just about anyone who claims to offer you expert repairing services. You can opt for self employed technicians or you can trust a brand that will offer you more value for your money.

The primary objective when you opt for mobile phone repair in Sydney is to get the phone fixed. Now that calls for expertise, experience, infrastructure and resources. You cannot fix a state of the art phone without state of the art resources. But beyond the infrastructure, experience and other value added services, you need an assurance that your phone will be fixed and will remain operational without any problems in the future. You will never want to spend any sum of money and get an unrepaired or unfixed phone. You will also not want to have your phone repaired only to fall apart in a few days or weeks. These situations are inevitable if you choose the wrong technician for your mobile phone repair in Sydney and if you don’t have enough protection covering your investment. The cost of mobile phone repair in Sydney is an investment, albeit a small amount, but you should not just spend that money without any surety.

3 Month Warranty @ iResQ

Does your technician catering to mobile phone repair in Sydney offer a warranty? If so, then how much warranty would you stand to benefit from?

At iResQ, you get a full 3 month warranty. No matter what kind of repairing task you hire us to do, no matter which state of the art phone you own and have a problem with, regardless of how complicated the repairing work is or what kind of solution we put forth to you, your phone will have a 3 month warranty from the date we have fixed your phone and you have a perfectly working phone in your hand.

Our 3 month warranty only excludes water damage as it doesn’t fall in the category of technical problems owing to the fault or lapse of a technician. We have the confidence in our expertise and repairing solutions that we know you won’t have any problems with your phone after we have worked on it. But even in the rarest of the rare situation, if you do have a problem then our 3 month warranty has you covered.

We are a rare company catering to mobile phone repair in Sydney that will not charge you anything within the warranty period to get your phone repaired again.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]