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Bug Fixes and Improvements on iOS 9.3.2

For the hardcore Apple lovers, the good news is that Apple has recently launched an upgraded version of its iOS operating system. The version 9.3.2 is certain to introduce a huge range of improvements. However, since it has only hit the market recently, a few of the bugs may as well be a part of it as of now. If you happen to be someone who would like to be informed regarding such improvements and bugs which are a part of the new update, then you have landed on the right page. The below...

How’s LCD Works?

Ever wondered how the LCD of your laptop/ macbook works? Most of the people when visit our site are usually aware of what an LCD panel is but most of them do not have the know-how of how it basically works. If you use a laptop it is important that you know how each component works so if any problem arises you know what to do and whom to contact. Let us give a brief insight into the working of an LCD panel of laptops and how it operates. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. You may be...