iOS 9.3


If you have recently upgraded to the iOS version 9.3, you may be wondering what new features it has to offer to your iPhone or iPad. If so, then you have landed on the right page. The below mentioned information is going to help a great deal in this regard. We have taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the prominent features which have been introduced with the all new version of iOS. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what new features the upgrade has to offer in order to let you have a better understanding.

Night Shift:

There is no argument over the fact that making an extensive use of your smart device just before you go to sleep for reading purposes specifically can have a negative impact on your eyes since most likely that lightening condition in your room aren’t going to be that good either. With the night shift mode introduced with the all new iOS version 9.3, you can shift the colors on your device to warmer ones and dim the brightness in order to prevent your eyes from damaging. It has to be a feature that a number of customers have been waiting for.

Password Protected Notes:

Keeping your personal stuff stored in Apple Notes used to be risky since anyone who can have access to your unlocked phone can have a sneak peek. With the introduction of Touch ID and passcodes however, you can make your Apple Notes protected separately. If anyone tries to access the notes, he’ll need to enter the Touch ID or passcode again in order to enter. In other words, your secrets that you save in Apple Notes are now absolutely secure and no one without your permission can have access to them.

Apple News:

Although the application has still failed to address the issue of design that has been there for a while now, with an all new iOS version 9.3, the application has been made relatively more personal and navigating through it has never been this convenient. Apple News now incorporate an all new FOR YOU section that informs you about the stuff all around the world that you are interested in. All you need to do is feed in your interests in the application, and you’ll be able to find news regarding your interest in this section of the Apple News application.

Car Play:

There is no argument over the fact that significant improvements have been made in terms of Apple Car Play with the all new iOS version 9.3 The two categories of NEW where you can find songs picked by experts and FOR YOU that displays songs based on your preference are now built into the music menu. The Nearby feature has also been introduced to the Car Play that enables you to find the points of interests which are closest to you just at the time when you need them the most. No wonder Apple is aiming at making the life of its customers absolutely efficient.


Although Apple accentuates the above mentioned improvements in their all new iOS version 9.3, there are a number of other tweaks which have been made to the operating system. For instance, Apple’s personal instant, Siri is now capable of understanding languages other than English which may include and are not confined to Malay, Hebrew, and Finish. The 3D touch shortcuts for applications like weather, settings, stocks, App store etc. make it far more convenient to navigate through the applications, all thanks to the iOS version 9.3

Taking the above mentioned information into consideration, it won’t be wrong to conclude that Apple has introduced a huge range of remarkable improvements with their all news iOS version 9.3. While the above mentioned are only a few of the prominent features which have been introduced, there may be a range of other features that you will discover once you get to use the operating system. Rest assured, with the newer upgrades, the shortcomings which are still left in the Apple’s smart devices are surely to be addressed. Until then, try the above mentioned features introduced in your iPhone and iPad and enjoy.